Dashboard- This is where you will be initially taken after logging into TotalBrokerage. At the top of the page, your widgets are displayed which have information about your usage in TotalBrokerage that can be personalized for your usage. Below your widgets, you have your calendar and a To-Do list. Your calendar can be linked to your personal calendar in your profile. The To-Do list is your tasks from the action plans you have set up with contacts. 

CRM- The CRM tab is where contacts and vendors are. You can add contacts into TotalBrokerage here using the "Add Contact" or view already created contacts in the "View Contacts". You can create a transaction by going to the contact you would like to create a transaction for. Vendors are the other part of the CRM and it used to store people or companies you use for your transactions.

Marketing- The marketing tab is used for storing email templates, managing automations, and the file browser. Templates can be used anywhere in TotalBrokerage when you are emailing contacts. Automations are drip campaigns where you can add contacts and will send emails automatically to them after a set amount of days. The file browser is used to store images to be used in emails and email templates.

Transactions- The transactions tab is where you manage your transactions for contacts. The forms library  is where you store your forms that will be reused for multiple transactions. After you fill out the fields of the form once, they will be saved for future uses. The view transactions  is where the transactions are after being created. This is where you add documents to a transaction, send documents out for signing and fill out commission information.

Reports- The reports tab is where you can get statistics of your usage in TotalBrokerage. In the CRM tab, you get information for your contacts and in the transactions tab, you get information for your transactions.

Setup- The setup tab is used to personalize your TotalBrokerage. Under User Fields, you can add items to the dropdown menus in contacts, vendors, and transactions. For example, if you wanted to add another language option for contacts, you would add it here. Under Action Plans, you can create action plans to add to a contact. Under Facebook, you can set up the ability to get leads through your Facebook page.