You can easily access TotalBrokerage from your iPhone via a shortcut on your home screen.  To do this, open Safari on your iPhone.

Go to your company’s TotalBrokerage login page by typing in https://[yourcompanyname]  (Remember to replace [yourcompanyname] with the actual name of your brokerage. Once you get to the login page, do not log in to the account.

Click on the box with an arrow coming out of the top at the bottom-center of the screen to bring up an options menu.

On the bottom part of the menu, slide your finger left on the menu until you see the “Add to Home Screen” option (the icon will have a square with a “+” inside of it).

The next screen will let you type what you want the shortcut to say (the default is TotalBrokerage).  Once you’re done, click “Done” and “Add”.

A new shortcut will appear on your Home Screen as if it were an app.  You can now use this shortcut to instantly launch TotalBrokerage whenever you want!

Please note that when you log in to TotalBrokerage from your phone and get to your Dashboard, the side bar will appear as a menu option at the top.  Click there to access the main menu.