To access My Profile, click on your name in the top-right corner of your dashboard, then click “My Profile”.

In My Profile, you can add or edit information about the account user.  This is where you’ll enter or edit your personal details, such as Name, Email, Time Zone, Language, and Offices.  

In the bottom half of the page, you also have four other fields that include the following important email addresses for you: 

  • Lead Email Address: This address is used to plug into your 3rd party websites (,,, personal site, etc.).  You don't use this to manually forward contacts you receive from these sites, it is a one time set up on the back end of your different lead sources.


  • Contact Email Address: This is the email that Contacts will see as the “From” when they receive an email from you.


  • Dropbox Email Address: Allows you to forward existing threads or new emails created in a different email application. You can also BCC this email address when emailing customers. This will lookup existing customers or create new customers inside TotalBrokerage by scanning the email thread.


  • Calendar Feed link: This allows you to integrate your TotalBrokerage calendar into your personal devices. Click the question mark icon which will give you instructions. You will want to copy the address and send to yourself by clicking the clipboard icon.